Research & Consultancy

Our very experienced Foodservice sales force is a fully scalable national service to open up sales via the optimum wholesalers and end users. Our portfolio approach provides an immediate resource with full industry coverage and unparralleled wealth of experience. Cost effective incremental sales.

Research & Consultancy

Providing integrated trade and marketing support for your products or brands in foodservice. Including blitz-type promotional events in Foodservice wholesalers to promote product values and stimulate sales; Also POS, display, new pack designs, incentives etc. We know what the trade likes and what really works.

Research & Consultancy

Better strategic approaches for your products in the foodservice sector. Creating, developing a distinctive and specific foodservice personality for your products or brands that adds value and wins over all areas of the trade.

Our Clients

  • AB World Foods
  • Oetker
  • BAF
  • ChicagoTown
  • KP Snack
  • Baxters
  • BetterNatureTempeh
  • Bel_UK
  • Invisible_Chef
  • EasiYo
  • kerry
  • NomEat
  • Oggs
  • St Pierre
  • Weetabix


FusionFSM provides inspirational and effective solutions to unlock the business and profit potential of food & beverage products throughout the UK foodservice-sector.

We specialise 100% in the foodservice sector. We do not work in the retail or convenience channels. We combine in-depth industry knowledge, comprehensive experience and extensive networks of key decision maker contacts to maximise the profit opportunities of our clients' business and brands. We add value by our early involvement in the planning and strategic process; we accelerate growth with our in-house national foodservice sales team - an immediately available resource; fully scalable as sales grow and of course cost effective.