Consultancy and Research

FusionFSM implements thorough, hard hitting evaluations of today's foodservice sector; on which our Clients can base important Brand and business development decisions. We increase knowledge, provide accurate analysis, enable courses of action to be firmed-up and reduce risk.

We draw on our extensive market knowledge and intelligence gathered from a vast network of key decision-makers in foodservice to provide current and informed answers to the issues affecting our Client's Brand prospects.

We never forget that every £ spent really has to count; Clients do not just want "nice to know" market information; so our insight and research is focussed, targeted, current, relevant and authoritative. It is everything Clients need and expect when making critical financial and Brand decisions

Our style of presentation

Our research and consultancy is presented face to face in a succinct and usable form. We ensure it is jargon free, clear and incisive as well as being ground breaking, challenging and innovative. We want it to power your development and be the cornerstone of your action plans.

In-Depth Trade and Consumer Research

If additional in-depth investigations are required to fine tune knowledge and an approach to the foodservice sector we design highly focussed investigations into the Trade (with panels of industry experts including...Chefs, Operators and key decision makers and influencers) or with foodservice consumers who are likely to encounter your Brand in the foodservice market place.